Skill games websites bonuses

bonusTo incite you to play, websites give you bonuses for your registration and for your first deposit of money on your player account. We have already spoken about it in our article about the definition of Skill Games, we suggest you now to see how these bonuses work to allow you to take advantage of it as much as possible and to increase your pool.

Various bonuses offered

There are 2 types of bonuses for skill games :

  • registration bonuses : as soon as you have created an account, websites offer you a bonus consisting of money. Be careful because it is not real money but it is a certain amount only to play free games in which you have to bet virtual money. In other words, it is a fake gift.
  • first deposit bonuses : in that case, however, real money is offered to you according to the amount of your first deposit and also depending on your mean of payment. This gift will be added to the amount you are going to deposit and will allow you to play for free only if you have unblocked your bonus.

How to unblock your bonus ?

There are many ways to receive your bonus :

  • Some websites offer you the bonus directly without any condition of releasing.
    In that case, this money can’t be taken out and only allow you to play free games with real money. However, you will be able to withdraw your winnings.
  • There are bonuses which you really receive according to the number of loyalty points or stars accumulated. These points are indexed to the deductions done by the room. For example, you play a game in which the room deducts 0.50 of participation and you win a star. When you reach an amount of points equivalent to your bonus, this one is released. Please note that it can also be released by edges.
  • Finally, you will find websites which pay your bonus once you have played and bet the equivalent of your gift. For example, you have a bonus of 10 for which you have to play 10 games and bet 10 before it becomes available.

The other offers

Skill rooms sometimes offer bonuses or additional promotional offers. For example, you will have jackpots giving you the possibility to win cash according to your performances or else bonuses according to your participation and winnings in specific games. There are also bonuses of sponsoring which can make you win money according to the number of clients you bring to the website.

Bonuses can thus be allies to allow you to play skill games for free so you have to find the best way to use them to maximize your chances to win.

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What are the “skill games”” ? Definition and explanations

Here are some explanations to help you to understand what “Skill Games” mean.

Definition and examples

definition of skill games en imageSkill games are games where the outcome is determined mainly by mental and/or physical skill, rather than by pure chance.
Some famous websites allow you to play your favorite skill games and even to bet money on them.
The various websites include any sorts of games that make you use your skill, your capacity of reflection or your sense of observation. The aim is to use your brain as much as possible to win and, potentially, the earnings too.

Some examples:

  • card games (tarot, solitaire …)
  • board games (backgammon, mahjong, sudoku …)
  • arcade/action games (Pac-Man, Tetris …)
  • games related to sport (snooker …)

These are just examples and every room includes several types of games to assure you the maximum of variety in your games. Let yourself test different possibilities and maybe discover novelties.

playing bowling

Aim of a game

The most current is to be able to bet some money on your skill games in a completely legal and secure way. Indeed, if all these games are present on your computers and Internet for a very long time, bets with real money are a must.

The basics are :

  • First of all, you have to register on one or several games rooms. To know the different rooms, do not hesitate to check our website which shows you the best of them.
  • Then you can play for free or by paying, and win real money.
  • To play money you will need to deposit some money which will allow you to receive a bonus to increase your pool.

Games depend of the one you choose. You always have some help at disposal to explain you the rules and guide you during the game.

Besides, you will find different types of tournaments to face your opponents :

  • duels with two players : the best one wins the stake of the bet.
  • multiplayers tournaments by knockout : several players face each other and the best one gets the stakes.
  • multiplayers tournaments by distribution : players are rewarded according to their results. A classification allows to determine the best ones who can get part of the stake, mostly between 2 to 6 players.


There are several types of bonuses :

  • The first ones are really and truly a possibility of playing for free. During your registration, websites offer you some money but it’s only virtual money.
  • However, when you create an account “real games”, you deposit on your player account which can give you the right to get a bonus. For example, if you deposit 10, your account will be credited with your 10 + 5 of bonus. The bonus amount is indexed to the value of your deposit but it can also vary according to your mean of payment.

Releasing conditions of bonuses vary according to the operators. Some of them will ask you to play a certain amount at least equivalent to your bonus to be able to use it. All our test pages of the different skill games websites give you the useful information, do not hesitate to check them out, compare them or follow our advice if you want to feel more comfortable.


Websites offering this activity work mostly with platforms in flash. Each of them will invite you to download the possible plugins necessary for the smooth running of the game.
In certain cases, you will have to install a specific software but it is rare. Besides, the interfaces are very different from a room to the other and we recommend you to read our tests to find the one which suits you the best.
Please also note that some of them offer compatible versions with the main smart phones of the market which is a good plus.

In every case, it generally works like this :

  • An accessible homepage on your Internet browser whatever is your operating system. This one gives you access to all the features of the website.
  • A lobby by game, which opens on the current window or on a new one, and which includes all the information on the game, whether it is the help or the various active games or the ones to create.
  • Finally, a window of game or of room in which takes place your game or your games. You can indeed play several on-line games at the same time if your brain allows you.

To know more about it, consult our pages on the various operators who contain the studies on all their specificities, their advice or those to avoid absolutely.

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